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Nebraska Beef

Husker BBQ is known for the quality and succulent taste of their food. To ensure the highest quality is obtained, the products are not purchased for the cheapest price but for the finest quality. That is why Nebraska Beef is purchased and prepped for the best BBQ you've ever sunk your teeth into. We smoke the finest, most tender and juicy brisket you've ever had!

The meat is thoroughly prepared with a specific process where no corners are cut. Hours are spent in preparing and smoking each piece to the full tenderness with enriched flavors from home made recipes. You won't find a more tender, juicy brisket than ours that has been prepared in our commercial Ole Hickory Smoker. Up to 20 hours of smoking occur to master the juicy and flavorful experience in every bite. Our methods of preparation reflect the strong commitment we have to serving only the finest food. There is something to be said for good ol' Nebraska Beef made the right way.

Another important factor in our beef selection is how lean it is. Health is an important factor in today's economy. Healthy lean beef is a big part of a nutritional diet. Many consumers today opt out of fast food and look to catering as convenient, hassle-free and healthy if chosen wisely. You will find many healthy options on our menu. We focus on healthy eating but always treat ourselves to a little sweet treat now and then.

Although being very selective with the highest quality of meats, we have kept prices very reasonable to the competition keeping in mind that practically no one else provides just catering. Our competitors all have restaurants in which catering is something they do on the side and not their main focus. We feel that by focusing on your special event and preparing all the food specifically for you, you will receive food made to perfection. Husker BBQ comes highly recommended and is rated top notch by its customers for a reason. Whether you are looking for Omaha Catering Services or Lincoln NE Catering, you will find us ready to help you make your next event a success. Contact Us on www.huskerbbq.com, or contact Staci Hayworth by phone at 402-312-3740. Of course, you can always email us at catering@huskerbbq.com.
Nebraska Beef